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Product Features

Malaysia Pocket Travel WI-FI

  • 1GB 4G data per day, speed will be throttled down to 512kbps at unlimited 3G speed
  • Pick up points available 24/7 GGK T2 and T3
  • Connect to the fastest 4G network in town
  • Wifi hotspot up to 5 device
  • 6200mAh high capacity battery can offer you about 20 hours WiFi service
  •  Charging time: 2hours
  • Power bank (type C port)
  • Size: 94mm*94mm*27.8mm

*Rentals that have been successfully completed and the wifi device has not been pick up yet in less than 3 days cannot be canceled.


Loss compensation IDR 60,000

Loss compensation IDR 1,200,000

Loss compensation IDR 40,000

Customer reviews



terakhir kali ketika saya bertemu dengan pasangan saya, Jaringan Kantor mendadak tidak bisa bekerja, beruntung saya telah skyroam WiFi, saya membuat kesepakatan akhirnya. Thanks skyroam sangat banyak!

2019-11-19 07:15:06

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