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Product Features

Malaysia Pocket Travel WI-FI

  • 1GB 4G data per day, speed will be throttled down to 512kbps at unlimited 3G speed
  • Pick up points available 24/7 GGK T2 and T3
  • Connect to the fastest 4G network in town
  • Wifi hotspot up to 5 device
  • 6200mAh high capacity battery can offer you about 20 hours WiFi service
  •  Charging time: 2hours
  • Power bank (type C port)
  • Size: 94mm*94mm*27.8mm

*Rentals that have been successfully completed and the wifi device has not been pick up yet in less than 3 days cannot be canceled.


Loss compensation IDR 60,000

Loss compensation IDR 1,200,000

Loss compensation IDR 40,000

Customer reviews


Ariesta Tri:

pengambilan pagi jam 3.40 di T2E

2020-02-28 11:26:59

Additional comments:Pengambilan tgl 4 Maret jam 03.40 di terminal 2E

2020-02-28 15:23:02


terakhir kali ketika saya bertemu dengan pasangan saya, Jaringan Kantor mendadak tidak bisa bekerja, beruntung saya telah skyroam WiFi, saya membuat kesepakatan akhirnya. Thanks skyroam sangat banyak!

2019-11-19 07:15:06

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