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  • If Device Have Problem

    If the device cannot use, customer should contact Customer Service. Skyroam  will solve the problem as soon as possible, if Skyroam Indonesia team confirmed that the device cannot use, we will according to the usage for refund.

  • How much are the rates?

    Our rental rates vary per country. You can see the detailed country rates here: http://skyroamwifi.id/index/lease

    You can rent directly thru our website or call us for our other products and last-minute bookings.



    Whatsapp +628118099955

  • How long before my trip do I need to book?

    It’s always best to book at least 1 week before your actual trip/travel departure date. Skyroam accepts bookings up to 3 days before delivery.  For last minute bookings, it is on a best-effort basis, customer may directly call or go to the Skyroam office.


    Send message with subject: “[LAST MINUTE BOOKING]” to

    Whatsapp +628118099955

  • I tried booking online but it FAILED

    Sorry to hear that, sometimes intermittent internet connection or bank related items can cause failed transactions. In this case you may send us your booking details via email idsupport@skyroam.com  or +628118099955 (Whatsapp)



    Contact Number:


    Flight Number:

    Flight Date:

    Delivery and Pick-up Point:

    Trip Itinerary (Countries with Dates)

    Once you send us the complete details, we will send a confirmation email to you with payment instructions

  • How do i activate my Travel Wi-Fi?

    You don’t need to start your day pass; your Global Hotspot is pre-activated with all the data you need during your trip based on your trip dates.

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